The ReddMap

See all the awesome things what we’ve done up to this point and where we plan on going in the near future.

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Future Milestones

  • ReddMap Milestone
  • 2021 & Onward

    1. DeFi & Stable Coin Integration
    2. Wrapped RDD Implementations
    3. Interoperability with Third-party Blockchain & Payment Systems
    4. Corporate Partnership & Product integrations
    5. Wearable & NFC Applications for Redd Payment Solutions
    6. Local Governmental Pilot in Africa

Current Progress

Here we are letting our community know a list of items we are currently working on and any relationships we are building with other companies in the industry.

  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Core Wallet

    1. Continue feature(s) evolution to track Bitcoin Core codebase.
    2. HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Wallet Support
    3. Rapid-Sync Headers-first Full Synchronization (achieved in v3.10.3)
    4. DDoS & Peer Management Enhancements (achieved in v3.10.3)
    5. Transaction Optimizations & Blocksize Research
    6. 24-word Seed Phrase Backup/Restore of Keys
    7. Watch-only Addresses (achieved in v3.10.2)
    8. PoSV v2 In-wallet Information Summary Pane
    9. Block Explorer In-wallet Summary Information
    10. Live Debug and Error Log Monitoring Pane inside wallet
    11. Add Additional In-wallet Maintenance Tools
    12. Check for Upgrade Functionality
    13. Send RDD via Email
    14. Send Fixed Value RDD Contracts using Coinlock
    15. Send RDD Payment Requests
    16. Exploring In-wallet Stake-based Voting
    17. Non-staking Trezor & Ledger Hardware Integration
    18. Enhanced Multi-signature & Time-based Transaction Controls
    19. REST and JSON API Enhancements with New RPC and Custom-built Redd RPC Commands (achieved in v3.10.3)
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Mobile Core Wallet

    1. Enhance Protocol to use Electrum/ElectrumX Solutions
    2. Android/iOS/Other Support
    3. Satisfy Non-custodial & Security Requirements
    4. Mobile Staking Support
    5. Design UI/UX for Application
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • ReddID

    1. Mobile-focused Development (90%+ of social users are on mobile, not desktop)
    2. Integration with Native Camera/Biometric/Third-party Apps
    3. Redesign of UI/UX
    4. Create ReddRewards On-boarding Incentive Program
    5. Exploring ReddID SuperNode Architecture
    6. ReddID Leaderboard/Stats Website
    7. ReddID Block Explorer Resource (API)
    8. Redesign/upgrade ReddCoin (RDD) Block Explorer
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Project Redd

    1. ReddHelp – Global Support Center to launch on
    2. ReddWeb – Created website to feature more accessible information, social movement aspects and documentation of Project.
    3. ReddTech – Redesign/update website to feature up-to-date ReddID, Wallet, and RDD technical cryptocurrency information/guides for users and developers.
    4. ReddAcademy – Educational portal, training and user video library to be launched on with possible RDD-based incentive goals.
    5. ReddStats – ReddID data explorer, ReddCoin network enhanced block explorer, dynamic and up-to-date info on Redd projects, efforts and status of any live events.
    6. ReddBlog – Acting as a primary point of publishing for Redd as well as worthwhile contributors like the “Good News Blog” and other ReddHead-targeted unique content.
    7. ReddFunding – Transparency on current funding, obligations, targets and goals. See here
    8. ReddCharity – Engaging the community and the project’s firm commitment to charitable and altruistic efforts.
    9. ReddCard – VISA-branded debit/credit card through Fintech Accelerator Program. (*Already invited to participate, revenue/income needs to reach minimum requirement)
    10. ReddDocs – Project Redd documentation - Redd Book, Redd Handbook, more documents to come.
    11. ReddShift – Ability to exchange RDD to/and from fiat and other cryptos directly our website and apps securely.
    12. ReddTalk – Community discussion forums at, possibly migrating to combined Redd and ReddCoin forum in future.
    13. ReddWords – New social media channels launched on,, CoinMarketCap Headlines & events, and more.
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Community & Team Building

    1. ReddHead Outreach – Focuses on community building, growth and general user acquisition.
    2. ReddTech Development – Responsible for building ReddCoin and all required supporting applications.
    3. ReddSwarm Development – Community activism and ambassadorships.

Past Milestones

Below is an in-depth look at all the major milestones Redd has achieved over the last couple of years. Take a look at how far we've come!

  • ReddMap Milestone
  • 2020 Q4

    1. Started Public Testing of New Electrum-based Mobile ReddWallet.
    2. Project #Redd launches.
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • 2020 Q1

    1. Redd Announces Partnership with Rypplzz
    2. Redd January Core Team Update
    3. 2020 Australian Firefighter Crypto Fundraiser
    4. Redd Meme Competition Winner Announced
    5. Redd Developer Call & AMA
    6. Redd Blockchain 6th Year Anniversary
    7. PoSV v2 reaches 4,500 out of 9,000 blocks (50% Consensus)
    8. Red Core Wallet v3.0.1 Released
    9. Redd Core RaspberryPi (ARM) v3.0 Wallet Released
    10. PoSV v2 reaches 3,000 out of 9,000 Blocks (33.33% Consensus)

The Reddheads

Our Community

One of the best things about Redd is our amazing community of users who support not only our vision but share our same values.

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