The ReddMap

See all the awesome things what we’ve done up to this point and where we plan on going in the near future.

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Future Milestones

  • ReddMap Milestone
  • 2021 & Onward

    1. Launched 4 new Tipbots on Discord, Reddit, Twitter & Twitch
    2. Launched the ReddCoin Instaswap Page
    3. ReddShare Social Post Promotion Platform
    4. ReddJamm Radio Station
    5. New Website
    6. Redd Merchandise to be sold via the ReddStore
    7. ReddID & ReddMobile App
    8. Major Desktop Wallet Update
    9. Get Rewarded to Learn on the ReddAcademy Platform
    10. The First Annual ReddFest
    11. ReddShift, ReddCard & Much More

Current Progress

Here we are letting our community know a list of items we are currently working on and any relationships we are building with other companies in the industry.

  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Core Wallet

    1. Continue feature(s) evolution to track Bitcoin Core codebase.
    2. HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Wallet Support
    3. Rapid-Sync Headers-first Full Synchronization (achieved in v3.10.3)
    4. DDoS & Peer Management Enhancements (achieved in v3.10.3)
    5. Transaction Optimizations & Blocksize Research
    6. 24-word Seed Phrase Backup/Restore of Keys
    7. Watch-only Addresses (achieved in v3.10.2)
    8. PoSV v2 In-wallet Information Summary Pane
    9. Block Explorer In-wallet Summary Information
    10. Live Debug and Error Log Monitoring Pane inside wallet
    11. Add Additional In-wallet Maintenance Tools
    12. Check for Upgrade Functionality
    13. Send RDD via Email
    14. Send Fixed Value RDD Contracts using Coinlock
    15. Send RDD Payment Requests
    16. Exploring In-wallet Stake-based Voting
    17. Non-staking Trezor & Ledger Hardware Integration
    18. Enhanced Multi-signature & Time-based Transaction Controls
    19. REST and JSON API Enhancements with New RPC and Custom-built Redd RPC Commands (achieved in v3.10.3)
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Mobile Core Wallet

    1. Enhance Protocol to use Electrum/ElectrumX Solutions
    2. Android/iOS/Other Support
    3. Satisfy Non-custodial & Security Requirements
    4. Mobile Staking Support
    5. Design UI/UX for Application
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • ReddID

    1. Mobile-focused Development (90%+ of social users are on mobile, not desktop)
    2. Integration with Native Camera/Biometric/Third-party Apps
    3. Redesign of UI/UX
    4. Create ReddRewards On-boarding Incentive Program
    5. Exploring ReddID SuperNode Architecture
    6. ReddID Leaderboard/Stats Website
    7. ReddID Block Explorer Resource (API)
    8. Redesign/upgrade ReddCoin (RDD) Block Explorer
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Project Redd

    1. ReddHelp – Global Support Center to launch on
    2. ReddWeb – Created website to feature more accessible information, social movement aspects and documentation of Project.
    3. ReddTech – Redesign/update website to feature up-to-date ReddID, Wallet, and RDD technical cryptocurrency information/guides for users and developers.
    4. ReddAcademy – Educational portal, training and user video library to be launched on with possible RDD-based incentive goals.
    5. ReddStats – ReddID data explorer, ReddCoin network enhanced block explorer, dynamic and up-to-date info on Redd projects, efforts and status of any live events.
    6. ReddBlog – Acting as a primary point of publishing for Redd as well as worthwhile contributors like the “Good News Blog” and other ReddHead-targeted unique content.
    7. ReddFunding – Transparency on current funding, obligations, targets and goals. See here
    8. ReddCharity – Engaging the community and the project’s firm commitment to charitable and altruistic efforts.
    9. ReddCard – VISA-branded debit/credit card through Fintech Accelerator Program. (*Already invited to participate, revenue/income needs to reach minimum requirement)
    10. ReddDocs – Project Redd documentation - Redd Book, Redd Handbook, more documents to come.
    11. ReddShift – Ability to exchange RDD to/and from fiat and other cryptos directly our website and apps securely.
    12. ReddTalk – Community discussion forums at, possibly migrating to combined Redd and ReddCoin forum in future.
    13. ReddWords – New social media channels launched on,, CoinMarketCap Headlines & events, and more.
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • Community & Team Building

    1. ReddHead Outreach – Focuses on community building, growth and general user acquisition.
    2. ReddTech Development – Responsible for building ReddCoin and all required supporting applications.
    3. ReddSwarm Development – Community activism and ambassadorships.

Past Milestones

Below is an in-depth look at all the major milestones Redd has achieved over the last couple of years. Take a look at how far we've come!

  • ReddMap Milestone
  • 2020 Q4

    1. Started Public Testing of New Electrum-based Mobile ReddWallet.
    2. Project #Redd launches.
  • ReddMap Milestone
  • 2020 Q1

    1. Redd Announces Partnership with Rypplzz
    2. Redd January Core Team Update
    3. 2020 Australian Firefighter Crypto Fundraiser
    4. Redd Meme Competition Winner Announced
    5. Redd Developer Call & AMA
    6. Redd Blockchain 6th Year Anniversary
    7. PoSV v2 reaches 4,500 out of 9,000 blocks (50% Consensus)
    8. Red Core Wallet v3.0.1 Released
    9. Redd Core RaspberryPi (ARM) v3.0 Wallet Released
    10. PoSV v2 reaches 3,000 out of 9,000 Blocks (33.33% Consensus)

The Reddheads

Our Community

One of the best things about Redd is our amazing community of users who support not only our vision but share our same values.

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