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Project Overview

Redd is a decentralized social tipping platform that allows you to tip, donate, and fund your favorite content creators, humanitarian programs, and social causes through all major social media networks. It utilizes ReddCoin, a fast, cheap, and reliable digital social currency that is the primary vehicle used to bring value back to humanity.

Not many are aware that Redd is an organization 100% run by volunteers. Up until this point, no member of the official team earns a salary or are paid for their efforts to see this project become a reality. The team is made up of passionate Reddheads who just want to make an impact on the world.

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Latest Updates

New Rebrand

Formerly known as Reddcoin, with the new rebrand to Redd, the project will be making a conscious effort to reposition themselves towards a more consumer friendly, front-facing user base. Moving forward, Redd will focus on making global change a reality by putting value back into humanity and social interaction. This movement we are creating is meant to welcome anyone and empower everyone.

With the launch of this new brand, expect various existing products and tools to be gradually updated with the new look and feel of Redd. Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Twitter and Medium.

Revamped ReddID

Redd is currently working on a new version of its ReddID, which will not only serve as your username but also as your social wallet. This will allow anyone to receive ReddCoin over a variety of social media networks with ONE simple user ID. As a result, Redd will empower content creators, social causes, and humanitarian programs to do what they love and get rewarded for their efforts—all without a middleman.

Previously, Redd launched a beta version of ReddID, which has received huge adoption. With that, the platform soon experienced major scalability issues. Since then the project has looked to rebuild the feature from the ground up to ensure that this monumental tool would be able to grow and be adopted by billions of people across the globe.


As Redd looks to push their message of global inclusion and personal empowerment, the project plans to start a self-funded organization to help facilitate positive change in the world and give back to those who have done so much for humanity.

What we’re working on!

  • ReddCoin

    The social digital currency our community uses to tip, share, and donate.

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  • ReddNetwork

    ReddCoins run on top of a custom blockchain network we developed.

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  • ReddWallet

    An application we use to store, send, and receive ReddCoin.

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  • ReddRewards

    Earn extra ReddCoins just for storing your coins in a ReddWallet.

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  • ReddID

    A single user ID that allows you to tip and donate on all major social platforms.

    Coming Soon
  • ReddFoundation

    Will be used to help support various social initiatives around the world.

    Coming Soon
  • Jay 'TechAdept'
  • Jay "TechAdept" Laurence

    Project Leader

    Jay works with a fluid and dynamic Redd core team to facilitate development, solve challenges, and bring Redd's vision of global social change to the world. He oversees all project management and prioritization of initiatives for the platform and evolving ecosystem.

    Leveraging an extensive IT career, encompassing corporate, enterprise and global NGO technology roles, Jay has become a guardian and vocal supporter of an ethical and honorable approach to implementing Redd’s vision. As Project Leader, Jay has served as a shining example to other projects on how to conduct themselves while enshrining the original crypto-ethics found in projects such as Bitcoin and the words of Satoshi Nakomoto.

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  • John "CryptoGnasher" Nash

    Technology Evangelist

    John is the major architect behind the Redd blockchain. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of development on the network and related software applications. Managing a geographically dispersed team located in Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines and USA, John continues to innovate and grow Redd.

    He is a highly organized, experienced professional with a strong customer focus and a motivation to succeed. John has extensive experience in delivering solutions that meet ever changing customer needs and requirements; all the while meeting or exceeding the expectations for successfully hitting major milestones.

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  • John 'Gnasher'

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

  • Why did you change the name from Reddcoin to Redd?

    As we transition towards a more consumer-friendly brand removing the word “coin” opens up new opportunities for what Redd is about and represents. It also eliminates the connotations associated with being a cryptocurrency or tech-oriented product.

  • What does this new rebrand mean for the project?

    Although our team and community know exactly who we are and what we represent, the rebrand represents a shift towards bringing those values and intentions to the foreground for all to see.

  • When will ReddID launch?

    There is no set date for the completion of ReddID but we are hoping to launch an early version of it before the end of the year.

  • When will you launch a mobile app?

    This is in our future plans but there is no set date for the launch of this feature. Subscribe to our social media channels for future announcements.

  • What is POSV v2?

    POSV v2 is the second major upgrade to the Proof-of-Stake-Velocity algorithm of the ReddNetwork. It was designed to incentivize ownership (staking) and activity (velocity). The upgrade also included a self-funding mechanism which reserves a portion of new coins generated for on-going development of the project. Click here to see more info on POSV v2

  • How has Redd funded the project up until now?

    Over the last couple of years, Redd has been funded solely by the sweat equity put in from it's volunteer-based team and most importantly the donations and generosity fuelled by our community.

  • Why does it take so long for Redd to launch new features?

    Given that we are a small team of volunteers, most features and products we plan on creating will take time because of the limited resources we have at our disposal. With the most recent network upgrade to POSV v2, we expect future project launches to roll out more quickly.

  • Does Redd plans on raising money in the future?

    With the recent upgrade to POSV v2 and the ability for the project to now support self-funded operations by the ReddNetwork, we anticipate more streamlined rollouts, and a lesser, if not eliminated, need for external funding.

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News about Redd

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Redd Branding

Project Identity

Below are the official Redd logos which will be used for all future aspects of the project including all marketing materials, products, and services.

  • Redd Logo

    Main Logo

    Light Bkgd:   EPS   JPG   PNG

    Dark Bkgd:   EPS   PNG

  • Redd Logo with Tagline

    Logo with Tagline

    Light Bkgd:   EPS   JPG   PNG

    Dark Bkgd:   EPS   PNG

  • Redd Symbol

    Redd Symbol

    Download:   EPS   JPG   PNG

  • Redd Logo B/W

    Black & White Logo

    Black Logo:   EPS   JPG   PNG

    White Logo:   EPS   PNG

Redd Branding

Visual Messaging

These messages represent the underlying foundation of who we are, what we represent and the goals we are trying to achieve.

  • Redd is everyone.

    We are inclusive

    60k+ users of all colours, religions, & languages.

  • Redd is everywhere.

    Used around the world

    Currently being used in over 50+ countries.

  • Redd is caring.

    Meant for change

    We are volunteers focused on changing the world.

  • Redd is social.

    Encourages supporting others

    Tip anyone on any social media network.

  • Redd is you.

    Welcomes everyone

    Anyone can be a part of this movement.

  • Redd is secure.

    Fast, cheap & reliable

    Runs on a fully decentralized blockchain network.

Redd Branding

Supporting Images

Below are a collection of unbranded images which you can be used as support visuals in any articles written about Redd and our products/services.

  • Image Image
  • Image Image
  • Image Image
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