Our goal is to bring value back to humanity and social interaction.

Redd is everyone.

Our users are made up of all colors, religions and languages. With over 60,000 users, Redd gives you the tools to share, support, and reward people and social causes for their efforts.

Redd is everywhere.

Currently being used in over 50+ countries, ReddID will soon allow you to support, tip, and donate to anyone on all major social media platforms.

Redd is caring.

For over six years, Redd has been a social currency that allows you to give value and support to any person or social cause around the world.

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Redd is you.

Whether you're an organization that wants to contribute, or a person passionate about the movement, get in touch with us!

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See what we’re working on!

  • ReddCoin

    The digital currency our community uses to tip, share, and donate.

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  • ReddNetwork

    ReddCoins run on top of a custom blockchain network we developed.

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  • ReddWallet

    An application we use to store, send, and receive ReddCoin.

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  • ReddRewards

    Earn extra ReddCoins just for storing your coins in a ReddWallet.

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  • ReddID

    A single user ID that allows you to tip and donate on all major social platforms.

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  • ReddFoundation

    Will be used to help support various social initiates around the world.

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