Project Funding

Redd prides itself on being fully transparent with our community. As a result, this page shows the realtime status of the projects funding along with the list of our top donors.

  • $---.--  (--- RDD)

    POSV v2 Dev Wallet

    All developer funds are generated here before being transfered to the main project wallet.

    $---.--  (--- RDD)

    Main Dev Wallet

    This is the main project wallet where the majority of funds are stored for the project.

    $---.--  (--- RDD)

    The Redd Charity Fund

    For charitable events/efforts, as noted in the PoSV v2 spec. (See the Redd Paper for details)

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  • Major Donors

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  • ReddCoin (RDD) Exchange Crowdfund

    As mentioned in a recent blog post, Redd is exploring listing ReddCoin (RDD) on BitMart,, Bitrue, CoinTiger or ProBit. As a result, we are looking to the community to help crowdfund this process. If you would like to donate ReddCoin to these efforts, please send it to the below address.

    So far --- RDD have been raised!

    ReddCoin (RDD) Donation Address: RqQ4qnJCAcqxPqsvMtyJx73eyVyWtpjN73

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