Project Funding

Redd prides itself on being fully transparent with our community. As a result, this page shows the real time status of the projects funding along with the list of our top donors.

  • $---.--  (--- RDD)

    POSV v2 Dev Wallet

    All developer funds are generated here before being transfered to the main project wallet.

    $---.--  (--- RDD)

    Main Dev Wallet

    This is the main project wallet where the majority of funds are stored for the project.

    $---.--  (--- RDD)

    The Redd Charity Fund

    For charitable events/efforts, as noted in the PoSV v2 spec. (See the Redd Paper for details)

  • Major Donors

    10,000,000.00 RDD – Anonymous (AH)

    5,075,577.10 RDD – Reddhead JK (@ReddheadJK)

    4,862,429.00 RDD – Patrick Seegers (@patrickseegers)

    4,101,508.25 RDD – Tom (@MinasUngol)

    3,031,364.00 RDD – ioDoug (@ioClub)

    2,942,113.00 RDD – RoniToni (@teeroni)

    2,940,769.43 RDD – rtong (@rebible)

    2,110,659.00 RDD – Christopher (@Krestofa)

    2,110,559.85 RDD – 소풍같은삶 (@kbs10000)

    1,554,620.00 RDD – @Chillh89

    1,252,200.00 RDD – @fiische